Condominiums, Gated Communities, Hotels

Your residents and guests want a safe, secure yet carefree environment. We know no community is alike and each has distinct challenges and concerns. We partner with boards and management companies to develop the right security program using technology, people, policies and procedures that align with your community’s culture and lifestyle. We identify your risks and deliver a complete, impeccable security solution that reflects your community and your guests



At ORNA, we keep our finger on the pulse of security risks that retailers face each day so we can deliver effective retail security. Our security team stays current on local security trends, threats and crime seasons to prevent your security plan from going static. By understanding your unique retail needs, vulnerabilities and expectations, we can provide the best security officers and store detectives for your environment.


Shopping Centers/Districts

Shopping centers have many meanings these days from strip centers to high-traffic malls and everything in between. ORNA officers provide shopping center and shopping district security services including vehicle patrols of the perimeters and parking structures to providing a highly visible interior presence.

Our goal is to keep shoppers safe and make sure they are comfortable shopping in the area. ORNA patrols continue after shops close to provide 24/7 coverage every day of the year. Additionally, our officers provide additional services such as escorts to the parking garage and special assistance when necessary. They even help forgetful shoppers find their cars or deal with auto issues.

We do a thorough analysis of each location including the type of audience the area attracts, the foot traffic volume, past security threats as well as any current threats or trends in the area. We then match the right ORNA security personnel to ensure the right fit.



Our local ORNA Security team has an in-depth knowledge of the areas event venues. Because of our local presence, our employees already adhere to local security licensing regulations in the area and are specifically trained to deal with issues in any event setting where there is a high degree of interaction with the public.

After a full operational analysis, ORNA Security will develop custom-tailored alternatives to cover your unique security needs. ORNA is committed to employing a full range of services leveraging technology to enhance each officer’s effectiveness. Instead of employing more officers, we can employ the tools to make each officer more effective. As an industry leader, we have firsthand experience with worldwide security trends and have developed protocols for a variety of scenarios. A company of our size offers a comprehensive approach – we can provide not just the officer, not just the technology, but a complete and flexible security plan to handle all of your needs.